Enamel is beautiful and durable !!!
Wenmau Enamel specializes in enameling steel plates. This is done by repeatedly heating at high temperatures of 800 ° C.
All steps in the production process are handled internally and baking takes place in an industrial oven with a high capacity. This allows us to process all kinds of orders for both small and large surfaces.
We master various screen printing techniques, such as solid colors, color gradation and four-color prints. We also work continuously on new developments and innovations.
Our reputation is recognized under the protected trademark Wenmau Emaille.
Wenmau Enamel specializes in new enamel of excellent quality. We deliver various enamel signs. We can also supply other enamel products, such as kitchen enamel (stoves, colander, sand-soap-soda pots, mugs / cups, jugs, etc.), but this is on request. We have an extensive range, so you are also at the right place for your customization, projects and special sized plates! For example, we supply boards with company or club logos and monument shields for, among other things, (football) clubs, (municipal and provincial) governments, contractors and hospitality / catering wholesale and of course also private individuals.